Merely a Machine

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fully as much as what is specified; completely fulfilled or developed; absolute.


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There’s never a time when I don’t need to see this on my dash

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  • worked at a blistering pace
  • felt like what a person would feel like if they were made of garbage
  • missed my bus home and had to walk through a downpour
  • curled up on the couch in a robe and listened to The National
  • ate an entire loaf of sandwich bread
  • felt sorry for myself
  • found a cherry almond cookie I’d squirreled away in my purse for later consumption
  • felt renewed faith in the power of cookies


Nothing makes you feel like giving up quite like having a commendable amount of good mental health days, but at the first sign of slip up everyone acts like that’s your only state of being and all those good days just never existed


Whenever someone says something like “I don’t support feminism because I feel equal to men” or “because I think our society works the way it is” all I really hear is “I don’t have any problems in my own life and I don’t give a shit about yours”